Our comprehensive training in sales and marketing, team leadership, and business management is designed to prepare successful candidates to manage the operation of an independent business office. Our commitment is to give consistent training to achieve unmatchable results!

Nexus Leadership Group's Management Training Program is divided into 4 phases to establish successful growth and development for our team:


Phase I: Account Manager

 Through our in-house and in-field training, Account Management is the entry level position in our company. Here, trainees learn effective communication with our clients and customers. In order to be promoted to Team Lead, account managers must learn product knowledge as well as the training systems that our company utilizes. Nexus looks to these individuals to uphold a student mentality, upbeat attitude, and consistency in sales.

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Phase II: Team Lead

Nexus Leadership Group’s Team Leaders consistently earn the responsibility to be in front of the room and fine tune their public speaking and leadership skills. These individuals handle objections and are responsible for new customer acquisitions. Along with field coaching, Team Leaders are given the opportunity to take on new responsibilities such as interviewing, training, and mentorship roles within the business. More responsibilities for our team lead position involve leading business trips and overseeing/developing a small sales team of 5-10 people.


Phase III: Assistant Manager

Nexus’s Assistant Managers are given one-on-one training with the CEO and management team to learn how to manage the office as well as overseeing campaign management. Assistant Managers also learn business administration, human resources, and small business accounting. This final step in training is vital to being successful within the management position.

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Phase IV: Manager

Once someone has demonstrated they have developed the necessary skills to represent a fortune 100 client, they will be promoted into management. Duties include the daily operations and growth of an individual office, recruiting and coaching a full sales team, and representation of new and existing clients. Prior to this, our managers have successfully held every other position in our company. Because of this, they are able to easily lead and coach teams effectively. Not only do Managers continue crushing goals for clients and expanding their own organizations; they also enjoy the perks as a full-operating partner with strong corporate benefits.

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