Who We Are

As a group of highly motivated professionals, we strive to provide opportunity for our employees, customers and clients. At Nexus, we are able to provide opportunity through our management development program that focuses on personal and professional growth. We also specialize in direct customer acquisition in retail-based locations. By utilizing a direct approach, we are able to create a unique and personalized one-on-one experience with each of our customers that allows us to generate quality sales, and increase brand awareness for our clients.  


What We Value

    A business cannot thrive and sustain without the right values. As a team, Nexus is committed to always holding ourselves accountable to doing what is right and honorable, not taking shortcuts, and having outstanding character. 

    Positivity is the air we breathe. The first thing we teach people from the point they step into our lobby is to see the good in every situation. Attitude is the first steppingstone on the pathway to success and mentality is the one thing we always have control over, so one of our key values will always be an exceptional attitude.

    Though we are a motivated group of professionals, we are also a family. Our team-oriented culture is such an important value to us because we believe the team that works together always wins together!


Our Mission & Goals

Our mission is to take motivated individuals and provide them a vessel of opportunity to achieve their goals and pave a pathway to a prosperous future.

Our business never stops growing thanks to the high demand we receive from our clients and the ability we have to expand as we grow, providing limitless opportunity to our people. This is a goal we come through on every single day. 

Thanks to this high level of growth, our goal this year is to expand into 2 new markets before Summer 2021!



Knoxville, TN

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